Sichuan Boiled Beef (水煮牛肉)

I love 水煮牛肉. However, the authentic version we eat at restaurants is too spicy for me, even after I asked for little spicy or mild 😅.

So here is the recipe I adapted to make tasty 水煮牛肉 at home that is really little spicy or no spicy at all.


  • 🥩beef: ~0.5lb, buy pre-sliced or cut to thin slices yourself (lion top, ribeye, new york, etc. all good)
  • 🥗vegetables: very flexible, you can use cabbage, bean sprouts, potatoes, or what ever you like. This time I used cucumbers and common beans (芸豆)as I happen to have them.
  • 🧄garlic, ginger, shallot cut to slices.
  • 🌶️chili crush, minced garlic, sichuan pepper (花椒, optional), adjust based on how spicy you like.


  • 🥣Rinse beef with cold water a few times to remove blood.
  • Marinate beef slices with a little bit (1/6 tsb) baking soda, 1tsp soy sauce, 1/4 tsp white pepper, 1/2 tsb corn starch
  • 🧄In a fry wok, add oil, garlic, ginger, shallot, and a few sichuan pepper (optional), cook for 1~2 minutes. Take the pepper out, and add 1tsp bean paste (豆瓣酱或者豆豉酱),cook for another minute or so.
  • Add ~2tbsp soy sauce, half cup of water, boil for 1minute, then add ~4cups of water.
  • 🥗After the water boil, add the vegetables, cook for a few minutes. 🧂Season with sugar, salt and sesame oil.
  • 🍲Take the vegetables out, put them into the bowl to serve. Also take ~half of the soup out to the serving bowl.
  • 🥩Add 1tsp oil to the beef to separate the pieces. Boil the beef slices, about 2 minutes. Take the beef out to the serving bowl, with a few tbsp of the soup.
  • 🌶️Put the chili crush, minced garlic, sichuan pepper (optional) on top of the beef. Fry 2tbsp of oil to very hot, and pour on the chili, garlic.
  • 🥂Enjoy!

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