Easy Mango Mouse Cake

My little boy helped to clean the house today 😍, and as a deal, I am making him this mango mouse cake.

This is an easy no-bake recipe, and only take ~30 minutes to make. It’s light and fruity, very nice for summer time 👍

🍥Cake Base:

  • 120g crackers (I used the one below), crushed
  • 50g butter, melted
  • mix these two well, put in a ~7 inch cake mold, press flat.
  • let it cool in the fridge for about half an hour.

🍰Mango Mouse:

  • 4 mangos, peel and cut to cubes
  • put 3/4 of the mangos, 90 ml milk, 2 tbsb sugar in a blender and blend well. This will get you ~ 400ml mango smoothie.
  • 5 gelatin sheets, soak in water for 5 minutes, then use 30ml warm water (< 80°C ) to melt the gelatin sheets, and add it to the mango juice.
  • ~250 ml heavy cream, 2tbsp sugar, beat to very soft peaks (don’t over beat). Add it to the mango smoothie and mix well.


  • take out the cake base from fridge.
  • pour 1/3 of the mango mouse, add some mango cubes
  • pour another 1/3 of the mango mouse, add some mango cubes
  • pour the rest of mango mouse on top
  • refrige for at least 2 hours
  • enjoy 🥂

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